The basis for every women and girls is not only the perfect hairstyle but also perfect make-up.

We advise you how to apply make-up and all about it….what to avoid….how to buy make-up and choose the right-one for your face type.  Can you apply make-up very well just want you learn something?

We are here for you……

Eye Liners: How to easily and cleanly do eye liner and choose the best one for the shape of your eye?

Smoking Eyes: What colour to choose for you? Black, brown or gray? Our great make-up artists Claudie and Kristyna will advise it…..

We help you find a style for your beauty and confident, recommend you the current colour trends and last but not lest we get you make-up to the party and prepare you for the ball.

Bring your own make-up to the salon and we recommend you what and how to use it and what to buy it and change it for a new decorative cosmetics.