Magazine Fashion Club

Step by step eye line

The Wedding Post

Interview with Claudie not only about the wedding make-up.

Magazine Téma

Charity calendar for the dog shelter- make-up and fashion styling by Claudie Marčeková

Complete exchange for Prima Style

Complete exchange- (Date of publication 24.7.2014)

Magazine Dáma (Date of publication podzim 2012)

Interview with Claudie not only about her job and career but also about her personal life, kids, husband….

Complete change of visage for perfect beauty (Date of publication 1.4.2014)


Magazine Story (Date of publication 2011)


Article on the occasion of Dreft fashion show where Claudie, as the face of the brand Dreft, created fashion show.

In this rubric was also a few questions about materials and inspiration of the fashion show.

Magazine Friseur (Date of publication 2013)

Interview about cooperation with hair studio Wella and about the latest working plans.

Daily News Blesk (Date of publication 2011)

Article on the occasion of Dreft fashion show where Claudie, as the face of the brand Dreft, created fashion show.

The photo is with Klara Issova and Andrea Kerestesova.

Magazine Harper´s Bazaar (Date of publication 2000)

Rubric Beauty

Article about star builders face (make-up artists)- cooperation with Ilona Czakova on CD.

Internal magazine for the employee of the bank about the corporate culture (Date of publication 2012)

Rubric Trendy and style

Claudie created the rubric for internal magazine with the types of dress code and recommended basic of wardrobe for men and women.

The rubric also includes visage changing of employee of  this bank.

Next Harper´s Bazaar (Date of publication 2000)

Claudie recommended a look for Ilona Czakova with decorative cosmetics and also for extravagant occasion.

Magazine Spektrum (Date of publication 2008)

Article about Claudie, her career and about the style of dress in CZ.

Next Harper´s Bazaar (Date of publication 1999)

Rubric Beauty

Interview with make-up artists who care about known celebrities.

Claudie is of course one of them, for this magazine disclose to readers some of her tips and techniques.

Magazine „LN“ (Date of publication 2009)

Esprit, rubric Expert

Interview with Claudie about how to achieve perfect skin but also about how is important that a woman found a way to herself. Interview on the occasion of the introduction new cosmetics Korres on the market.

Magazine Marianne (Date of publication 2007)

Rubric Beauty

Claudie advises what is the magic of the fresh skin with the recommendation on decorative cosmetics.

Marketing magazine (Date of publication 05/2008)

Rubric Trendy

Interview with Claudie about corporate dress code.

Sexy and stylish event in Temple Club Prague- make-up: team of Studio Professional CM.

Aneta Vignerova in cooperation with our hairdresser and make-up artist Kristyna- photo shooting in Okor.

Cooperation with the company Procter and Gamble- Claudie was the face of the brand Dreft in 2011. She created Dreft fashion show thanks to her experiences in the field of make-up art, fashion styling and hair styling. On this fashion show, Claudie and her team created make-up, hair up and of course styling with collection of skirts by CM.